"A guy walks into a bar and orders two beers, one for himself and one for his absent buddy....

.. Yes, it sounds like the set-up for a joke, but with his chilling new play, YANKEE TAVERN, the prolific Steven Dietz has something darker and more sobering in mind. Dietz is a master of smart dialogue and wily storytelling. He draws us in with characters that intrigue, but the stories they spin can do a number on our beliefs and leave us shattered. The American theater has a rich tradition of barroom plays, of which YANKEE TAVERN now becomes a part. ." —Palm Beach Arts Paper.

 "YANKEE TAVERN is one helluva show. You'll be scared by the intimations of Act One. You'll be moved by the awful events of Act Two. And when the terrible day is discussed, you will hear the millennium's fresh ghosts rattling through the walls of the theater…and feel their unhappy gaze beaming from the tavern's smudged, stained-glass windows." —Palm Beach New Times. 

"YANKEE TAVERN is a cousin to John Patrick Shanley's Doubt: The play isn't really about what did or didn't happen; it's about the agony of uncertainty. The play's lightning flashes come from Dietz's insights into Americans' obsession with conspiracies." —Miami Herald. 

"A superb playwright…an edge-of-your-seat thriller."
—Palm Beach Daily News.

"YANKEE TAVERN is great fun" ---New York Times

"This production does a good job of at getting at playwright Steven Dietz's message: History is up for interpretation. Ultimately, YANKEE TAVERN is a scene worth exploring." -
Jodi Lee Reifer, Staten Island Advance (SILIVE.com)

Designed and Directed by Wayne Miller

Starring...(in order of appearance)

Gianna DeGeiso as Janet
Michael DeQuinzio as Adam
Hank Bruh as Ray
John Gatti as Palmer

Produced by Jean Mahlmann
Stage Manager: Christie Zampella
Lighting design by Danielle MacDonald
Sound by Adam Chatfield
Technical Direction by David J. Cruse

Produced in cooperation with
Dramatist Play Service.

With cooperation of the
St. George Theatre.

See the local press about this production:

Staten Island Shakespearean Theater opens 'Yankee Tavern' 
Published: Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 3:58 PM     
 Jodi Lee Reifer

Community theater veteran John Gatti is under the gun with newcomer Gianna DeGeiso in "Yankee Tavern." Running tonight through Sept. 26 at the St. George Theatre. See story for times and ticket prices.

Theater review: 'Yankee Tavern'

Published: Friday, September 24, 2010, 12:45 PM      Jodi Lee Reifer 

Henry Bruh and Giana DeGeiso star as Ray and Janet in the Staten Island Shakespearean's "Yankee Tavern," now playing at the St. George Theatre. The drama suggests history is up for interpretation.


Ultimately, “Yankee Tavern” is a scene worth exploring.

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